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365 Days of Blog Posts: How Did I Do in January 2011?

365posts jan2010Given that I publicly set myself a goal to write at least one blog post every day of 2011, it's only fair to check in on that goal and see how I'm doing.

How did I do in January 2011?

Well, the image on the right shows the picture. In the 31 days of January, I published:

87 total blog posts, of which:
54 were on my personal blogs - 1.7 / day
33 were on Voxeo blogs - basically 1/day

And for my personal blogs, I did publish at least one post on each and every day of January.

Now, my original goal was just to track what I published across my personal blogs... and that's still my overall aim. But I figured it couldn't hurt to also track the Voxeo blogs and see how I do there.

I should note, of course, that this Voxeo number is not all the posts across all the Voxeo blogs - it is all the posts that I wrote. There are other contributors, although my posts do make up about 2/3 of the content that we publish (but, gee, that's my job at Voxeo :-)).

So... yes, I hit my target for the month of January. Let's see if I can keep that going all the way through February, particularly given that I'm taking a week of vacation.

For those interested, I'm simply manually tracking the number of blogs in a Numbers spreadsheet on my iPad. I toyed with creating a script that would count up my Friendfeed feed or something like that... and maybe I'll build some kind of counter like that this year... but at the moment I'm just using a spreadsheet on my always available iPad.

Fun stuff... the challenge continues...

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