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Video: Donna Papacosta on Curating Twitter with Paper.li

While I haven't yet found that using Paper.li to "read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper" fits within my daily workflow, I know that a good number of friends and colleagues use the service... and Donna Papacosta recently published this video explaining how to get started:

Why doesn't it work for me? Mainly because I already have a whole system in place using TweetDeck for monitoring Twitter that I check regularly... and for the "browsing" that you can do with Paper.li, I'm a big user of FlipBoard on my iPad.

Still, I can understand the value in getting a daily email summary that can highlight some of the things you may have missed. It's good to see these kind of tools being developed. The whole issue of curating the insane volume of content out there is a topic that will consume us all for quite some time, I'd say...

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