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MarsEdit v3.2 Released - Continual Improvements for Offline Blogging on MacOS X

MarseditThis week, Daniel Jalkut over at Red Sweater Software released version 3.2 of his MarsEdit desktop blog editor and while the release notes show really just minor additions:
  • New Word Count feature displays in post status bar
  • Now reads previously used Tags from WordPress on refresh
  • Now more resilient to malformed XML and "bad characters" in downloaded posts
  • Performance improvements in media browser and autosave features
  • Now code signed to prevent need for re-authorizing keychain access every release

... the truth is that they continue to show the ongoing improvements to what is already an excellent desktop blog editor. For instance, the word count in the status bar may be a minor thing, but it's very cool to know how long your post is in terms of word count.

Yes, it's commercial software that you have to pay for. But if you use a Mac and write across multiple different blog platforms like I do, MarsEdit rapidly becomes a key part of being able to crank out content on a consistent basis.

Sometime I really need to do a screencast to show why I like using it so much...

Anyway, if you're on a Mac and do a lot of blogging, do check out MarsEdit if you haven't already.

P.S. And no, I don't have any kind of commercial relationship with Red Sweater... in fact, I paid them for the software. I'm just a very pleased user!

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