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LinkedIn's Brilliant PR Move - The "Personal" Letter To Its First Million Members

I do have to hand it to CEO Reid Hoffman and the others at LinkedIn for a positively brilliant action today. Like many others in the early adopter set, I received a "personal thank you" from Reid Hoffman thanking me for being among the first million LinkedIn users now that they have hit 100 million users. (If you didn't get the letter, no worries, TechCrunch posted a copy.)

The genius here was including our actual member number (which turns out to be the ID number in your LinkedIn URL). Mine is 199,110 ... which when you realize that there are now 100,000,000+ members means that I was indeed among the earlier folks using LinkedIn.

And... like the sheep we so often are in the early adopter set... my first reaction was to go tweet about it.

At which point I noticed a zillion other people tweeting about it...


Absolutely brilliant.

Some folks just tweeted how cool it was:



While others tweeted about being an early adopter:

Twitter   ian kennedy Thanks and congrats  quix

Twitter   Tim Wagner 476 525 Never let it be sa

And others did note the mass e-mail side of it:

Twitter   Dossy Shiobara Neat just got the mass em

Twitter   Ali Fenn  35 605 Great personal t

My favorite was perhaps this one...

Twitter   Brian Steeves I m an early adopter with

and this witty tweet...

Twitter   Sameer Patel I love you regardless of y

My own tweet, then, was one of amusement more than anything else.

Brilliantly done, LinkedIn ... you played us so extremely well. Appealing to our pride in being early adopters. You had to know we would tweet that out. And of course, we did. (And some of us even wrote blog posts about it.)

Well done.

P.S. Congrats, by the way, on hitting 100 million users.

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