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One Simple Example of Why We Need Akismet and Other Anti-Blog-Comment-Spam Services

Need I say anything more beyond this actual comment received on one of my blogs today?
Hi, i just wanted to come here to show you about a super cheap service that posts comments such as this on millions of WordPress blogs. Why you may ask, well you may want to sell a product or service and target webmasters or simply just improve the amount of backlinks your web site has which will improve your Google rankings which will then bring your website much more visitors and cash. Take a quick look at this website for much more info.

Naturally I will not include the link to the spam service.

These are the kind of services that need to be blocked, because they seriously pollute the conversations out there. I run blog comment anti-spam services on all my blogs - and/or moderate all comments - precisely because of this kind of garbage.

It's a shame that we have to... because it potentially puts blocks (or at least delays) in the way of conversations... but we do.

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