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WordPress 4.0 Provides A MUCH Better Editing Experience!

Wp 40 focus on your contentWordPress 4.0 is out today and I am VERY pleased with one small but incredibly important tweak - when you are editing a long blog post or article in the browser window the formatting menu bar no longer scrolls off the screen! This may seem like a trivial point... but every day when I am in the Deploy360 site editing some of our longer documents, I spend a good bit of time scrolling the browser window back up to be able to use the formatting menu. This will be a huge time saver for me!

The other features in WordPress 4.0 are also cool. Being able to more easily work with the media library will be nice. Having the embeds automagically appear in the post without needing to preview will also help save time and let you know how the post will look. Improving the plugin directory is nice, too, although right now I'm pretty set with the plugins I need on my various sites.

It's the improved editing experience that I'm really looking forward to using more. I've already upgraded several of my sites and I like the experience so far. Tomorrow I'll upgrade Deploy360 which is where I expect to reap the biggest benefit.

What about you? Have you upgraded yet? Do you like it? (Keeping in mind that there is nothing special about WordPress "4.0" other than that it is the release between "3.9" and "4.1"... i.e. it's not a "big" release but rather just another "regular" WordPress release.)

Here's the WordPress 4.0 release video showing some of the new features:

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