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January 28, 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference The blurring of our lives: Does learning info about co-workers via Facebook improve connections? Or feel creepy?:

» Re-examining how I use Facebook - and again the blurring of our lives from Disruptive Conversations
Who do you "friend" on Facebook? And how do you resolve the tension between private and public interaction? It's funny how synchronicity works some times. Last week I was thinking about writing a post about how my use of Facebook... [Read More]

» Does Facebook Change a 25th High School Reunion? from Disruptive Conversations
What if you went to a "reunion" already knowing a great bit about the people you are reconnecting with? Would it allow you dispense with all the initial "small talk" and move on to having deeper conversations? Would it make... [Read More]

» 5 Years of Using Twitter - Some Thoughts on That Anniversary... from Disruptive Conversations
It was five years ago today that I started using Twitter as what would come to be known as "@danyork". October 24, 2006. I remember the date purely because "10/24" in the US way of writing dates is an ├╝ber-geeky... [Read More]

» The Challenging Intersection Of Facebook And Religion - And The Blurring of Public and Private Lives from Disruptive Conversations
Facebook creates a challenge when it comes to religion (and politics) for many of us who also use Facebook in a professional / work environment. I fervently believe that a person's religious views are their own private matter. Each of... [Read More]



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